Get on Board the 2020 Success Express Train

People waiting in line to board the success train

Perhaps there is a creative way you can prepare and position yourself for future success even during this outbreak of the coronavirus.  How you use your time, improve your skill sets and connect with others during this time can be crucial.  It can also be very powerful because of what you could learn that might enable you to achieve goals and dreams you never thought possible.

The Destined for Greatness conference once scheduled to be held in a hotel has now been moved to an online venue and will be broadcast into your living room via the zoom application. Registrants will receive a link that enables them to attend the sessions of their choice. What’s amazing is the fee.  For only $99.00 which covers the entire conference, attendees will be exposed to tips, ideas and strategies that put them on a course to maximize their current abilities, talents and skills.

Attendees will be introduced to effective ways to cast a vision, handle change effectively, lead with purpose, take action, use technology, improve their investment skills, identify their gifts and talents, understand their energetic anatomy, protect the environment and acknowledge the important role that motivation plays throughout the entire process.

There will be so many additional takeaways that it’s difficult to list all of them here.  Attendees will be introduced to amazing authors and professional speakers who have many books and other types of products that will keep them inspired and full of energy long after the full day training webinar is over.

Participants will be able to continue the relationships they build with others during this program, interact with the speakers personally, receive coaching from them and perhaps even present at a future seminar or conference with them not to mention the fact that door prizes will be given away, sponsors will have an opportunity to showcase their products and participants will have the access they need to acquire the knowledge desired to pursue their own business, education, job or personal fulfillment.

This amazing event will be held on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Go to and get yourself and a friend whom you enjoy sharing ideas with and register now. If you really want to see a positive change in your life, take action today!

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