Greatness Defined. The Transformational Dream Team

By Dr. Robert Lawson ~

Dr Robert L Lawson

Fourteen powerful educators, business entrepreneurs and savvy organizers have combined their intellectual prowess, skill sets and resources to form an amazing entity referred to as the Transformational Dream Team or TDT.  The primary purpose of this organization is to offer the general public another avenue through which they can build their dreams.

Through the offering of conferences, seminars, workshops and short empowerment courses, individuals who attend will be able to sharpen and hone their leadership skills, utilize new technology to their advantage more effectively, become published authors, motivational speakers and learn powerful ways to improve their marketing and promotional skills to enhance the awareness of others about their own services, products and skills.  Perhaps the most powerful thing is learning how to take what you learn back to the community in which you live and put it to work to grow your community. That is Destined for Greatness in action.

This organization’s first conference, Destined for Greatness, will be held on June 12-13 of 2020 in Columbus, Ohio so reserve those dates now in the event you have that burning desire or interest to attend this event.  You can go to to secure more information.

Currently, the organization is comprised of the following individuals and most of them will be presenting at the first conference Destined for Greatness.  It would be an incredible opportunity to network with these individuals and get in on the ground floor of such a powerful network of professionals as it grows.

Dr. Robert L. Lawson, the CEO of The Transformational Dream Team is a high school instructor, college professor, author, speaker and business entrepreneur. 

Mr. Kent Wise, President, is a motivational speaker, business owner and author.  Some of his polished topics include leadership, bullying and empowerment. 

Ms. Ella Coleman is the publisher of Purpose Magazine, a professional speaker, an instructor, an author and one who is well versed on empowerment topics.

Mr. Arley Owens is an environmental specialist, head of the recycling coalition in the state of Ohio and currently works on getting films produced for budding actors and actresses; he is also one who creates comic books that show youth how to preserve the earth. 

Mr. Henry Ford is publisher of the Visions Newsletter, an author, a speaker and a photographer.  He is a prolific author and one of his most popular books is, Success is You.

Ms. Audrey Wiggins has her own WebTV network, is considered a branding expert by many and understands the application and use of technology and social media platforms better than most. 

Ms. Ilinda Reese is an empowerment speaker, the author of several books, a comedian, a businesswoman par excellence and her most requested keynote is “It’s my Prerogative; I Changed my mind.”

Mr. Willie Johnson is the author of three books, a well-known seminar leader and keynote presenter on leadership, communications and Effective Ways to Get Along with Others. 

Mr. Julius Cartwright is a real estate mogul, an investment specialist, a seminar leader and the publisher of Equity Magazine. 

Ms. Patricia Opong is a professor at Columbus State Community College, an organizational specialist and understands effective ways to utilize technology better than most. 

Dr. Patricia Wingard Carson is a nutrition specialist and possesses a thorough understanding of human anatomy, energy fields and exhibits mastery of both speaking and writing on a spiritual plane and has authored several books.

Ms. T.L. Champion helps budding authors to become even better at their craft, connects individuals with others who have the ability to take their work to the next level, speaks on empowerment matters, has authored books and has a tremendous passion for helping writers, speakers and business owners. 

Mr. Chad McKibben is an educator who teaches business and computer-related skill sets.  He is also an expert on leadership and matters related to empowerment.  He’s the co-author of three books and writes and speaks most admirably on the topics mentioned.

Mr. Mike Jennings is a former professor at Ohio University who now sells real estate.  One of his life-changing events occurred when he rode a bicycle 3,500 miles across the United States.  He speaks on health-related matters and his most requested topic is Vitamins of Success.

You are encouraged to meet these individuals and join this most prestigious organization in an effort to use what you learn to empower yourself and others in your community by stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming a part of your future that is scratching its head trying to figure out why you haven’t arrived yet. Visit to learn more.

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